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Before purchasing your new furnace or air conditioner, we want to help you review all the options available to you. For instance, you might consider joining a growing number of Toronto homeowners who are enjoying the comfort of a brand new, high efficiency central air conditioner or furnace without shouldering the costs of buying a new system. A new cooling system or furnace in Toronto is a major investment into your family’s home comfort. Renting can be a smart and economical alternative that relieves you of hefty down payments and high financing interest rates. Further, beyond the initial price-point, there are additional costs accrued over the years from any additional parts and labour for repairs and service. Also, the industry is continually innovating upon our current technologies and as a result, contemporary systems depreciate in value as new models and systems are introduced.


Furnace Toronto Specialists

The average homeowner who resides in their home for 2 years can rent a furnace system for $59.95/month. This totals to just $1,439.76 over the average course of time they live in a single home. On the other hand, buying a new furnace system upfront requires a $3,500.00-$6,500.00 investment that does not appreciate in value the same way your home does. Further, renting an air conditioning system or furnace in Toronto is worry-free. Not only are our products durable and high in quality, our maintenance program ensures the best technicians are there to provide unbeatable service. Even when you move, your air conditioning rental or furnace rental stays with the home and new homeowners can simply assume the existing rental and this leaves you with no further obligations or concerns. The option to buy out the existing equipment and include the cost with the home’s value is also yours. Owning a home in Toronto and furnace and air conditioning rentals is simply a logical combination




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