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In an age of energy conservation and cost consciousness, it’s nice to know there is still an economic way to invest in a comfort system, even if installing ductwork is impossible. When you decide upon installing ductless air conditioner in Toronto for your home or office, you can enjoy energy saving comfort, exceptional value and a fair return on your investment, without the expense or hassle of installing ductwork.

Found between the extremes of window-mounted units and a central system is the choice of having a ductless air conditioning unit that utilizes an outdoor-compressor. Also called mini-split systems, this type of heat pump technology was initially developed in Japan but widely available to Canadians today. Two main halves of the equipment are separated by distance: one half is the outdoor compressor that is very similar to those found in central air conditioning system, and the other half is wall-mounted and connected to the compressor via a pair of hidden pipes. The two units can be separated by as much as 75 feet without sacrificing power or efficiency; this means noise and vibration is not a concern for the home or office in Toronto with ductless air conditioning.

Installation of a ductless system requires only a three-or four-inch hole in an outside wall to run lines for refrigerant and electricity between the indoor and outdoor unit and to drain the condensate. Hook up is technically easy and minimally intrusive to your home or office’s structure. The sleek, contemporary styling of the indoor unit also allows for a stylish appearance and allows for easy maintenance. Best of all, the wireless remote allows you to take control of your comfort, giving you programmable time and temperature control at the touch of a button.

The ductless air conditioning systems have virtually revolutionized indoor climate control for the home or office. Because of the flexibility and problem solving capabilities of these ductless air conditioners in Toronto, the potential applications are limited only to the imagination of the user.




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