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At Button’s Heating we offer a wide range of controls/thermostats to operate your HVAC system keeping you and your family at a desired comfort level. You can choose from programmable, touchscreen or wireless models.


cntrlProgrammable thermostats come in a variety of different designs allowing you to set your desired temperature / comfort level for different times of the day as well as different days of the week.




Touch Screen

cntl2Like programmable thermostats, touchscreens are also available in a variety of models with the same programmable features. Touchscreen thermostats eliminate the need for buttons and makes it easier to navigate through the settings.




Wireless Thermostats

cntl3Although a little pricier, wireless thermostats offer the freedom to control your HVAC system from any remote location. A wireless thermostat can actually save you money on natural gas and electric bills. How??? …by enabling you to access the settings from a remote location by using a computer, tablet or smart phone,, you can adjust your heating or cooling system if something unexpected arises that delays your return to home. Why waste money on gas and electricity to keep your home at a comfortable warm or cool temperature when you are not there to enjoy it. Increase the heat setting in the winter prior to returning home from a trip down south or the cooling settings prior to returning home from a summer holiday.

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