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Cash For Clunkers

Button’s Heating and Air Conditioning offers a

unique “Cash for Clunkers HVAC” program that

purchases your old system for up to $1,200.00.

As a Toronto heating and air conditioning company

devoted to encouraging energy efficiency and

customersatisfaction, we hope this program will

offer many homeowners the chance to replace old

electric furnaces, water heaters, or air conditioning

system with the newest and most efficient technology.



There are many reasons why Toronto’s heating and air conditioning technology ought to be given a face-lift. Not only are out dated models often inefficient and energy consuming, they might also be preventing you from making that upgrade to the most advanced and modern technology. Our “Cash for Clunkers” plan help make the financial investment required of this upgrade more viable and convenient for your financial position. To meet Toronto’s heating and air conditioning needs, Button’s will make an expert appraisal of your existing system and introduce to you a wide range of our newest models to improve your home and comfort.

Most of us are familiar with the environmental benefits of automobile rebate programs, where drivers are encouraged to swap their inefficient gas-guzzlers for newer, more efficient ones. There are many similarities between cars and HVAC systems, especially where issues of maintenance, reliability, and efficiency are concerned. For instance, our current technological advances in the HVAC industry has made it possible to have comfortable room temperature year-round without creating an excessive burden for the environment and your personal household economy. However, many homes are still operating HVAC technology that are not taking advantage of these modern technologies and the replacement of these existing systems are often barring homeowners from making the switch they want to make. Our program removes some of these financial barriers and makes switching a no-brainer.

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